Saturday, 12 May 2007

A Lovely Anecdote

I approached one of my work colleagues a couple of days ago with the news that I am now 70 pages into the new Anne Droyd book. I thought her son would be especially pleased to know it, since he has read and re-read the first adventure so many times.

My colleague engaged me. ‘Did I tell you what he said about the sequel?’

I shrugged and smiled.

She continued, ‘Well he asked me, “Mum, when is the next one coming out?” and I said, “I think Will has to find another publisher first.” When he asked why, I explained that it costs quite a bit of money to print the books and that’s why the author uses a publisher, because he can’t afford to print them all himself.’

I felt genuinely touched by her son’s interest.

Then she related, ‘But that didn’t satisfy him. He said, “Mum, how much money does Will need to do it?” I said, “I think it’s quite a lot, love.”’

The boy’s final question really hit me.

‘He said, “Is there enough money in my bank account to do it?”’

What a lovely thing to say. Experiences like these keep me motivated.


C P Leigh said...

Hi Will

It is always gratifying to get positive responses from readers. For me it becomes a validation of my work.

To have a child respond in this way is even more gratifying, because it comes without an agenda. It is a response from the heart, based on the sheer joy they had from reading your work.

I hope it inspires you for the rest of the book.

Your friend

CP Leigh

Will Hadcroft said...

Thanks CP. Yes I am inspired. I'm lucky in that all the children who have read it to date (that I know of) love it and want more, and all the adults who have read it think I have captured life through the eyes of an 11-year-old perfectly. They start reminiscing about their own childhood!

Children are brutally honest. To know that the target audience love it as much as they do spurs me on.