Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Man From PFD, He Say, "No!"

I received an email from Simon Trewin’s literary agency PFD a few days ago. The email thanked me for sending the sample chapters of my manuscript (I didn’t send them sample chapters or a manuscript, as it happens. I sent a book, some Amazon reviews, a couple of fan letters, a CV and a covering letter), and that, after giving it some consideration, they have decided it is not for them.

Given the volume of submissions they are likely to receive on a weekly basis, I do not mind the standard rejection letter – or email, as it was in this case.

There was one line in it that gave some encouragement, and I took it to heart. It said, “There are as many opinions [in the publishing world] as there are agents prepared to read your work, so please keep going.”

I will do just that.


Darryl Sloan said...

I admire you for attempting to get a literary agent. I personally don't have the stomach for the process involved.

CP Leigh said...


It was always a long shot, especially as Simon stated he didn't do SF when we saw him at the LBF.

Still, do keep going. Just like the search for a life partner, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find the Princess.

I truly believe there is an agent for every talented and marketable writer. I also truly believe you abound with both of those qualities.

Pucker up and go for it!

Your friend

CP Leigh

Will Hadcroft said...


The plan remains the same for me. Continue writing HOS with a view to publishing it myself, but send off submissions to agencies as I go.

Actually, I may put the agent thing on hold until HOS is out and selling, and then resume pitching. I will then be able to say I have two books on release and a third under development (that being Anne Droyd and the... oh, you'll find out.).

Will Hadcroft said...

Fortunately for me, CP, I went from nothing, not even a frog, to a princess in one go when it came to finding a life partner - though I did have to wait what seemed like forever. So maybe your analogy bodes well!

I am honoured to know you deem me "talented" and my efforts "marketable".

Puckering up as I write...