Wednesday, 25 July 2007

My Brain!

One of my very worthy pass times is doing searches on the Internet for my own name and the titles of my books to see how I’m fairing. It isn’t quite as egotistical as it sounds, as I need to keep on top of how well I’m doing in the publishing realm. Sometimes I come across reviews of my books that I otherwise would never have known about.

This month I came across an academic paper by Donna Stevenson that looks into how my brain works! I was utterly astonished when I stumbled across this piece. She has read a number of autobiographies written by people professing to have varying degrees of autism. Since Asperger syndrome is at the low end of the autistic spectrum, and I am at the narrow end of that, exhibiting the secondary traits of the condition, my account has been included.

As you will see if you follow the link, Donna has researched it well and draws some interesting conclusions about trends in my thinking and behaviour and how my brain may be functioning (or malfunctioning, depending on how you look at it).

I have had many a fantasy about where my writings may lead me – publishing a bestseller, creating heroes for children, having my books adapted for television, walking down those famous stairs on Parkinson - but having the biological mechanisms of my brain analysed was never one of them!

What a fascinating and unpredictable journey mine is turning out to be.

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