Saturday, 8 December 2007

HOS - Only 3 or 4 Chapters to Go!

Another week in the coastal town of Whitby, this time with laptop to hand, has proved very useful indeed. For, not only did I manage to relax and de-stress, I managed to get some writing done. I am now up to page 217 of Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows, with only three or four chapters to go.

I am likely to reach my goal of completing the first draft before this year is out, and that means I am on target to have the published book in your hands by summer/autumn 2008.

Here is the plan for the next few months;
  • Do a major edit in January, looking for errors in grammar and plot consistency, making sure I flesh out descriptive passages along the way (I’ll be having a list of the five senses in front of me as I write).
  • Print a few A4 copies and hand them to assigned proofreaders – two or three youngsters, pre-teen and early teen, to get responses from the target audience – and a couple of adults.
  • Commission an artist to work on a cover painting.
  • After feedback on the text has been collated, hand a freshly edited manuscript to my assigned editor (who will then pick the whole thing to pieces!).
  • Based on feedback from my editor, work on one final draft.
  • Prepare the text and cover art for the print-on-demand service.
  • Prepare a publicity plan and write a press release.

Some of the above will take place simultaneously. I am really looking forward to publishing this new book. I believe it to be a worthy successor to Century Lodge and I’m confident you will find it worth the wait.

Once it is in the public domain I will get to work on a treatment for Book Three. I am determined to produce that within 18 months/two years of HOS hitting the market. With the existing fan base gasping for more, I cannot afford to leave it so long again.