Wednesday, 9 January 2008

First Draft Now Complete

I'm pleased to report that I have at long last completed the first draft of Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows. Currently it stands at 84,000 words, which is 290 pages in paperback form.

During the editing period this will fluctuate, but I'm confident that the final version will be over the 250 page mark at least.

Like all writers, I improve with each piece I produce, and am confident that you will like what I have done with the characters. It's a natural progression and probably a better read than the first book.

I have been quite ill this past week with a virus. A really bad irritable cough has kept me up most nights and I have found that the best time to write is three o'clock in the morning! Once I have become a writer full-time it might be a good idea to work like that always.

Next up is the editing process, which will take a few months.

Still on target for a summer/autumn release.


Anonymous said...

Hi Will

Well done on completing your first draft!

Even though (for me at least) the editing process is far more arduous and challenging, typing "the end" is always mightily satisfying.

I can't wait to read what you've done with the characters.

It sounds like you've had a little taste of my world with your illness. I have spent countless sleepless nights bashing away at the computer. My writing seems a little different on those occasions. Edgier, more unusual and daring. Almost as if I am liberated from the "traditional and normal" because I'm supposed to be in bed sleeping like everyone else. Of course, on more than one occasion, when reading the work in the cold light of day, it has turned out to be drivel!

Lets hope HOS gets the recognition it undoubtedly deserves.

Your friend

CP Leigh

Will Hadcroft said...

Cheers CP,

The rest of this month will be taken up with a read-and-edit session. Then I'll be sending out copies to selected readers. A further edit will be done based on what they have to say. And then it's the BIG ONE!

Hopefully it'll be ready for July/August.