Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The New Cover!

OK, here it is. American artist Laura Diehl has delivered her final version of the cover art, and what a stunning piece it is.

I am hoping to use the Anne Droyd logo from the Jessica Kingsley edition of Century Lodge (seen to the right of this page) on House of Shadows, or something very close to it.

Initial reactions from the handful of readers who have seen the picture have been very positive. Indeed, the art is already having the desired effect: it is provoking a strong emotional response.

Some have said it is by far the best cover I've had to date. I can't argue with that. Laura has done me proud. It will look great on the actual book.

If you want to see more of Laura's work, or hire her, visit her web site:

Next up for me is a major final edit on the text.

A daunting prospect...


G L Wilson said...

Nice one, Will. What brief did you give Linda?

Will Hadcroft said...

Hi Gavin,

I said that Anne looks like a blonde 11-year-old. She has a pony tail, blue eyes, and a blank expressionless face. She wears a T-shirt under blue dungarees.

I gave a description of the hooded man-creature and told her the house of the title should be a jagged crooked affair with only the attic window lit up.

I said I wanted a night shot with the moon in a clear sky and with Anne lit by an old fashioned street lamp.

The Whitby location should be represented by a cliff edge behind the house.

We had a few teething problems at first, but as you can see, she has delivered pretty much what I asked for.

I still can't get over the quality of it. Her depiction of Anne is the closest anyone has got to how I imagine the character.