Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows will be published September 2008.

Pre-order your signed copy now by E-mailing me at, or, if you live in the Bolton/Manchester area, call into Sweetens and reserve it there.

The text is edited, the back cover information is done, the promo pieces are written up, shops have been contacted, the ISBN number has been allocated, and Sweetens bookshop in Bolton have put up a poster in their window. My thanks as always to Sweetens proprietor Stella Morris for her loyal support.

My editor has sent me a PDF version of the text, and I can tell you it looks great. Once I've finished proofreading it, the book will be ready for release.

When the book is available to buy, the first thing I will do is order copies to be mailed out with a press release to the local media. I am likely to generate interest with newspapers in Bolton, Blackburn and Manchester areas. BBC Radio Manchester might have me back (I having been interviewed by them three times now). It would be lovely to get coverage on regional television news. BBC Northwest Tonight and Granada Reports are watched by millions. While I have appeared on programmes like Channel Four’s Right to Reply and the BBC4 documentary My Science-Fiction Life, news programmes have yet to feature me. Press packs will be going out to them, all the same.

The next job is to modify my Paypal account so that it can accept payments in. I will also be accepting payments by cheque. If you would rather buy the book from an outlet, and will be stocking it, as will Sweetens bookshop in Bolton. And if you want to order a copy from a shop that doesn’t have it on the shelves, you will be able to do so using the ISBN.

In another couple of weeks, you will have the second instalment of Anne Droyd’s story in your hands.


Anonymous said...

Well done Will, fantastic achievement.

Having been privileged enough to read an early draft, I can assure all AD fans that HOS is a brilliant read. It takes the characters to a whole new level as they navigate through mystery and intrigue.

I heartily recommend the book to all.

CP Leigh

Will Hadcroft said...

Many thanks, CP. You are one of a handful that have read that first draft, and the others have all come back with a similar view: Those who liked the first one will love the second. I'm pleased with the reaction because I felt that I'd progressed the characters just enough for this, the second of ten sequels.

The errors you pointed up have all been corrected - as have the myriad highlighted by my editor. It should be a much tighter read when you get it in book form.

I'm rather excited about it!