Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sweetens Success

The official signing held at Sweetens bookshop in Bolton on Saturday December 6 was a success. Friends and family came along to support me. Thanks friends and family! The photographer from the Bolton News was conspicuous by his absence - but then he had been given the wrong date. The lovely Bolton News, whose support I've enjoyed for six years now, told everyone I was doing the signing on November 29, which led to one young man turning up a week early. He bought the book there and then (he being a big fan of Century Lodge) and returned on the 6th to have it signed.

Signings are a strange phenomenon. You sit at your little table, your books laid out in an eye catching presentation, and most who come through the door do their level best not to have their eyes caught. I've done a few of these now, so I was expecting it to be like that. At the very least, passersby have seen the name Anne Droyd and are aware of what I'm doing. It has a culminating effect. Those who don't buy now might do when I'm more established. So there's nothing to lose.

I once saw an interview with Lynda La Plant (author of the TV series Prime Suspect and Trial and Retribution), and she said she hates book signings because people look at you with scorn, or worse still, pick up the book, read the back cover blurb, check the price, and then put it back down before moving on.

It appears I'm in very good company!