Thursday, 16 July 2009

RBS World magazine interview

I was interviewed by RBS World magazine (my day job is working in a customer service centre for said bank) ages ago with a view to featuring in its third issue. The article never appeared in the paper magazine, but it has since manifested in the online version.
UPDATE: The editor has been in touch to say the article will be going in the next issue of the paper version. Yipee!


Anonymous said...

Good article, Will! Great photo! Shame it was omitted from the actual magazine. Hope it enjoys worldwide circulation since going electronic. Would you mind if I distributed this via my blog?

Best Wishes,

Will Hadcroft said...

Sorry, I took so long to reply to this, Julie. I didn't check my blog for ages! Yes, of course you may distribute the link on your blog. Thanks for asking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Will. No problem. Will be a pleasure to circulate the article today.