Saturday, 20 February 2010


The first time I saw my name in print was when I entered a competition in Doctor Who Weekly (published today as the more mature Doctor Who Magazine). Entrants had to come up with a gun noise for their comic strip. I couldn't think of anything, so my Mum suggested "Zweeeeeesk!"

I've no idea if the strip's writers ever used it, but I was one of a hundred winners. The prize was BBC Records' Doctor Who Sound Effects LP. It was designed to be used by amateur radio and film makers, but on receiving it I played it as a regular album!

Once I'd come by a tape recorder I began making my own Doctor Who plays, radio style, with the sound effects record and Geoff Love's orchestral arrangement of the theme music.

But at age ten, seeing my name in print had an impact. And even as an adult it's a warm feeling.

I now use the comic in my "Writing is Exciting" presentation when I visit schools to inspire youngsters to pick up the pen.