Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ladybridge High Get a Two Hour Session

My school presentation "Writing is Exciting" was given to pupils of Year 7 at Ladybridge High in Bolton on Thursday 11 March 2010. It was exhilirating to talk to the whole year this time. There were 165 students present and I held their attention for two periods.

Continuing the format as before, I spoke of my early achievements and how I wrote for fanzines and semi-professional magazines, how I went on television, and how eventually my books were published.

It was nice to discover that some in the audience had already achieved some of these things.

One girl asked how easy it is to create a story. To illustrate just how easy it can be, I directed the class in divising a plot there and then. I'm sure the process will have inspired some.

The new element to my presentation was the use of a Powerpoint slideshow. In this I highlighted the real life locations that were incorporated into my Anne Droyd stories.

Pictured above are the winners of the cover art competition. Each recieved a signed A3 poster.
NB. My visit to Wayland has now been covered in the Mid-Norfolk Times. Go to their web site, and you'll find it on page 21.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

My Visit to Wayland Community High

On Friday 5th March 2010 I visited three classes of Literacy students at Wayland Community High School in Watton, Norfolk.

I talked about how writing can open doors to opportunities that otherwise remain closed (highlighting my Blue Peter badge once more!). I showed them my name in Doctor Who Weekly and related how it felt at age 10 to see my name in print.

I then explained how I came to have Anne Droyd and Century Lodge published in 2002 by CK Publishing, my journey to Jessica Kingsley Publishers in 2004, and self-publishing Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows in 2008.

I finished each session with a reading from chapter seven of my upcoming novel The Blueprint.

All three teachers showed great interest; one asked if she could create a story writing competition and forward the entries for me to judge.

Some of the students were keen to get a look at the copies of my books bought by the school. One boy in particular kept asking the librarian if Shadows was ready to loan.

I look forward to returning to Wayland when The Blueprint has been published.