Saturday, 15 May 2010


Saturday 15 May 2010 saw my visit to the Who shop in Blackpool to meet the hero of my teens, Doctor Who number six, Colin Baker (whose endorsement of The Feeling's Unmutual can be seen to the right) and publisher Tim Hirst.

Tim's company, Hirst Books, has published a couple of memoirs by Anneke Wills (companion to Doctors one and two in 1966), a collection of fanzine articles, and an ensemble of Colin Baker's newspaper articles for the Bucks Free Press. His book, Look Who's Talking, has been described as "Jeremy Clarkson but with a brain".

My PR Theresa Cutts met with Mr Hirst a couple of weeks ago to pitch some of my work. At Blackpool, it was a delight to meet him face-to-face and discuss my plans for world domination. Hirst Books will definitely be publishing a couple of titles of mine over the coming year, and we have also discussed the possible future of Anne Droyd.

Things are looking good.