Monday, 11 October 2010

Anne Helps Cubs Achieve Their Book Reader Badge

A while ago, my agent Theresa Cutts asked if I would visit her Cub Pack and talk to the children about what inspired me to become a writer and help them to complete their Book Reader badge. It wasn't really practical for me to do this, but I did offer to record a CD and explain my motivation and read an excerpt from Anne Droyd and Century Lodge, leaving it on a cliffhanger so they could finish the story off as a competition.

Well, they played the CD and were spellbound by it. Theresa produced order forms so the children could request personally signed copies of either Century Lodge or House of Shadows, as well as button badges and A3 posters.

News of the concept spread, and I'm pleased to say that a number of Cub Packs and Scout groups have requested the CD (the introduction to which is re-recorded to address the relevant pack/group) and they have enjoyed a lively evening as a result.

The top photograph shows Theresa's group, Wayland Cub Pack in Norfolk, and the second one shows the winners from 2nd Seaton Delaval with their signed posters. Many thanks to Alan for running the presentation.
If you lead a group and would like to make use of the CD, you can contact Theresa at


Theresa Cutts said...

Thanks for doing this Will, your CD really helped some of those not interested in reading to take a look inside a book.

Your CD has now been sent out to Cub Packs from Wiltshire to Aberdeen and everywhere in between!

Will Hadcroft said...

If they all go ahead with the presentation, Anne's fan base will surely grow!