Thursday, 7 April 2011


Today I visited the Castle Hill Centre in Tonge Moor, Bolton, to speak to post-graduate students about how Asperger's syndrome has affected my life.

I talked about my primary school years and how I struggled not only with sports at school, but with the concept of competitive spirit (Why should someone get a medal for being better than someone else?). I talked about my struggle with the transition from primary school to secondary school, and again from secondary school to the working world. I covered my tendency to obsess, my visits to a clinical psychologist, and my success as a writer.

I was keen to highlight that while those who have severe autistic traits might not secure employment, those who have Asperger's and those who are borderline like me might struggle in the working world but can still succeed. Indeed one's 'specialist subject' (one's obsession) can be channelled into a career.

The resulting question-and-answer session threw up some interesting points.

I wish the students well in their endeavours, and I thank the two Debbies for inviting me to participate. I'd definitely do it again.

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