Saturday, 30 July 2011

Picnic in the Park with Autism West Midlands

I had a lovely time today signing books in Birmingham as part of the initiative organised by Autism West Midlands.

One lady came over and was keen to let me know that she already had The Feeling's Unmutualand that it had helped her understand her son's reasoning and behaviour, he having been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

Another lady told a similar story about her son and bought the book.

Younger readers (and one or two older younger readers!) found my Anne Droyd books interesting. The young lady pictured above, Grace, was keen to read Anne as she loves the Famous Five adventures and thought Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows sounded as exciting!

I signed her a poster too. She was so thrilled, she came back over to tell me when she was going home.

It was nice to talk to people who either had Asperger's in the family or managed the condition themselves.

Thanks to Holly for inviting me, and to Theresa Cutts for representing me throughout the session.