Thursday, 13 September 2012

Talking to the Students at THE FERNS PRIMARY ACADEMY

Today, I was the guest of the Ferns Primary Academy on Plodder Lane in Farnworth. They were celebrating Roald Dahl Day and had invited me to talk to them about being an author.

At 10.20 am I took their assembly and told them about my early exploits writing as a primary school student. I showed them my name in Doctor Who Weekly and wowed them with my Blue Peter badge. Then I explained the plot of Anne Droyd and Century Lodge – the fact that the real Century Lodge was only half a mile up the road really helped, here.

I wanted to demonstrate to the youngsters that a story can be made from anything, even where they all live.

Afterwards, a teacher reported that one of her young students said she thought Will Hadcroft was marvellous. I clearly made an impact!

At lunch time, I had the opportunity to sample a school dinner, and I have to say I rather enjoyed it! I was put on the top table and the best behaved children were “allowed” to sit with me and ask me questions. A number of them told of their plans for when they grow up. I felt quite privileged.

I also ran my workshop “Writing is Exciting”. Classrooms have moved on since I was at school. These were each equipped with projectors, through which the Anne Droyd YouTube video could be played. We then made up a story of our own on the spot. The children in each class were imaginative and enthusiastic.

My guides for the day were prefects Morgan and Chloe. Their manners were impeccable as they gave me a tour of the school and escorted me to the various classes.

I would like to thank the principal Mrs Murphy and in particular Mrs Broadbent for arranging the day. It was fantastic.

The staff and pupils of the Ferns Primary Academy are a credit to Farnworth.

Posing with me below, from Mrs Broadbent’s class, are Chloe Singleton, Olivia Carter, Dewi Grundy, and Reece Thornton.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cover Art Refined (Anne Droyd III)

This just gets better and better. Now Anne, Gezz and Malcolm have been properly defined, and the mast looks so spooky (love the detail with the lights and antenna). Can't wait for the painted version...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ooh! Look at this...

Below is the second, amended, sketch from Mr Claxton.

All rather exciting...