Monday, 31 December 2012

An Excellent Fanzine

My first piece of published writing to be seen by more than two people appeared in the late 1990s in a science fiction fanzine called RQC (Really Quite Cosmic), edited by Gavin Wilson. It was an article looking at the BBC’s then much maligned adaptation of John Christopher’s Tripods trilogy. I entitled it “Has It All Been For Nothing?” after the last line spoken in the series.

I was thrilled to bits when I saw it in print.

When the internet took hold during the 2000s, the old fashioned paper fanzine all but disappeared. I, for one, lamented its demise.

Today, though, the internet is a place where would-be editors and publishers can float ideas and draw on the talents of writers and artists around the world. One such editor is Scott Burditt, who suggested a collation of articles devoted to various cult television programmes to be published as a glossy full colour, not-for-profit fanzine.

My good friend Ian Wheeler prompted me to write for it.

So much water has passed under the bridge since that first feature in RQC all those years ago, it seems almost poetic that my article for CSO should be about The Tripods. This time I reflected on how the series has been reappraised, how even the BBC themselves appear to have more pride in it, and how fans around the world have joined forces and found one another via the web.

Following the two page piece is my episode guide for all 25 episodes, which, this time round, is accurate!

Scott did an initial print run of the fanzine and sold out. As of January 2013, there will be a reprint. To order a copy, go to Facebook "CSO" and click Like. Then follow the instructions on the page to reserve a copy.
The first issue is also available to buy in black and white (but with a colour cover) from print-on-demand company
If you love cult TV, you’ll love CSO. And if you fancy trying your hand at writing, the magazine is an excellent place to start.

The old fashioned paper fanzine is alive and well.


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