Thursday, 11 April 2013

OUT NOW! Anne Droyd and the Ghosts of Winter Hill

Available to order from Amazon and bookshops (and soon to be added to Kindle).


"Gezz, Luke and Malcolm are enjoying a trip up Winter Hill on the West Pennine moors when they are joined by a fourth person, a boy wearing old-fashioned clothes and a grey flat cap. But, when Luke introduces himself, the boy fades into nothing!

Is he a ghost?

Soon, the wilderness is full of apparitions, and all the clues point to the television transmitter at the hill’s summit.

Where are the spectres coming from? Why are they appearing? And what are their intentions?

As the ghosts start to haunt the children’s housing estate, Gezz, Luke and Malcolm take their robot friend Anne Droyd up Winter Hill, hoping her superhuman powers will help them solve the mystery.
For one of them, life will never be quite the same again."

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Anne Droyd III

In the run up to the release of Anne Droyd and the Ghosts of Winter Hill, here is an interview I did considering how the characters have developed and the way I use real life settings as the backdrop to my stories.

The book is officially published on Thursday 11 April 2013. If you pre-order using the Paypal system on this site, you will receive a signed copy of the book as well as a copy of the artwork signed by Owen Claxton, and a number of other freebies.

Pre order Anne Droyd and the Ghosts of Winter Hill.