Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Fan Gene - How "Doctor Who" Led Me to Asperger's

In April 2003, I learned about Asperger syndrome, and all the pieces of my life puzzle fell into place. Where did I learn about it? Doctor Who Magazine, of all places! In this video, I discuss how that realisation led to a major course change.

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Joly Wood said...

Well done good interview Will

You tell it as it is and that isn't easy for the best of us.

I heard you earlier this year on Radio 4 and was very interested in what you were saying as I have a brother who is an avid Dr Who fan and has various autistic traits.
Despite getting him to watch some of this video and talking to him about it he refuses to go for a diagnosis - and he is 46 years old - which is a shame because I'm sure he'd benefit if he did.
But it is an awkward subject as is it an awkward disability.