Sunday, 9 June 2013


The Cheetahs with Will, Beck Row Primary School.

On Friday 7th of June, I had a lovely time talking to classes Jaguars, Lions and Cheetahs at Beck Row Primary at Bury St Edmonds in Suffolk.

I showed them how being a writer means more than just composing essays and writing short stories for their school teacher. Writing can open doors that otherwise remain firmly shut - like acquiring a Blue Peter badge, for example. The teachers were more envious of my badge than were their pupils.

When asked about my boyhood favourite authors, I cited the late John Christopher, author of The Tripods Trilogy and The Guardians, and Clive King, who wrote Stig of the Dump A pupil got very excited about the latter, and told me she was currently listening to the audiobook at bedtime. She was so thrilled that I loved Stig, at the end of my presentation she gave me a piece about the book that she'd written while I had been speaking to the class!

The students in Jaguars had read the first chapter of Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows together the previous day. They sat in rapt silence as I read to them the second chapter.

I regaled the class named Cheetahs with the adventures of Mia and Mackey, the books I am currently working on, and showed them photographs of the real life cats. They were touched by the story of Mia and the mysterious red eyes.

To Lions, I talked about how a book is produced. Each class was impressed with the blazer that was specially made to be modelled for the front cover of The Blueprint.

An enjoyable time was had by all, myself included.