Friday, 10 January 2014



I'm delighted to announce the imminent release of my first fully illustrated children's book Mia and the Woodshed Cats, based on the lives of four felines who invaded my life some 18 months ago.

"Ma and Pa Croft live in a stone cottage in the English countryside. When a stray cat turns up, Ma puts out some food and milk – and then three faces appear at the woodshed window ...


Where has the cat come from? Will the local farmer allow the kittens to stay in the woodshed? And what will happen to them when they’ve grown up? This is the story of Mia, Tigger, Tabby Girl and Socks. It is based on real events and will touch the heart of every reader."
The book is illustrated by Owen Claxton and is available at the reduced price of £6.99 from the FBS website (normal RPP £7.99)
You may pre-order your signed copy here: