Thursday, 27 February 2014

FBS Ltd & Signing "Mia"

Fabulous BookS (FBS) became a limited company a couple of weeks ago. Theresa Cutts and I felt it was necessary because what we have in the pipeline as a company might well call for it.

In the meantime, though, like many other novelists, I continue to work at a day job. With the release of my first book aimed at younger children, Mia and the Woodshed Cats, I performed a signing for my colleagues. It went really well and everyone commented on the stunning paintings by Owen Claxton. He's a real find.

All pre-orders have now gone out, and initial feedback has been positive.

Owen's paintings for the follow-up, due in the summer, brought a lump to my throat. The stories are based on true events, you see.

The above photo shows Angela Hunter (seated) and Lisa Hailwood-Smith collecting their signed copies.