Tuesday, 29 April 2014


You may have seen Glenda Young's book A Perfect Duet - A Diary of Roy and Hayley Cropper in magazines like Inside Soap and TV Times recently. Well, FBS Ltd are the publishers!

Glenda has been diarising every single episode of Coronation Street since 1995. When my business partner Theresa Cutts saw that Glenda was publishing yearly compilations of her blog to Kindle, I suggested she approach her to ask if she might compile all of the major storylines concerning Roy and Hayley into one handy little book.

One of the challenges with this release was the cover. How do you show the browsing book buyer that it's about Coronation Street without using the Coronation Street logo, any photographs of the street itself, or any pictures of the actors? I suggested to Theresa that we might get our in-house artist Owen Claxton to paint two things that aren't copyrighted but that instantly scream 'Roy and Hayley!' to anyone who knows them - a drab looking mack, a red anorak, and a shopping bag.

Once again, Owen has done a fantastic job, and our decision to do the cover in matte was the right one. People are telling us they stroke the cover!

The icing on the cake is actress Julie Hesmondhalgh writing such a heartwarming Foreword. She's done us proud. Thank you, Julie.

Signed copies are available from www.fbs-publishing.co.uk

Regular copies can be bought from Amazon and all good bookshops.

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