Thursday, 31 December 2015

In the coming months ...

(Above: New York Times bestselling author of Shadowmancer, G.P. Taylor with me and Theresa Cutts)

Can't believe my last post on here was April 2015! I've had a lot on over the past few months ...

With Theresa Cutts, I have been approaching prospective authors, some virtually unknown, others known and respected within their peer groups, and one or two who are rather famous.

Twice in the summer we enjoyed lunch with a top television personality. Those meetings threw up a number of ideas and even another author who may soon be working with us. It was a delight to meet these people, regardless of what comes to FBS Publishing as a result.

Theresa met up with Timothy Bentinck, who has completed a first draft of the new Colin the Campervan adventure. We are looking at that currently.

We will be announcing a new project on 6.1.16--the date itself is a clue. I, for one, am really excited about this new book, as it treads fresh ground for FBS, and the author (and, indeed, illustrator) is very talented.

Here is a pictorial hint as to what it might be about ...

A few weeks ago, Theresa and I had lunch with international bestselling writer G.P. Taylor, author of the hugely popular Shadowmancer. He's a fascinating man to talk to. He has penned a book that is quite different to what he is known for, and we're thrilled that he has chosen to publish it through us. We don't think there is anything out there that's quite like it!

As for my own writing, I have made a start on the fourth Anne Droyd book. At the moment, it is going to be more of a novella--but if I get inspired, it might end up a full length novel like the others. I've also written one chapter of the third Mia book, Mia and the Farmhouse Cats. I might well end up publishing both in 2016.

So--plenty going on!

Friday, 3 April 2015


Above, from left to right: My FBS partner Theresa Cutts, myself, actor-author Tim Bentinck and illustrator Owen Claxton.

Theresa and I found Tim's book on Kindle and asked him if he would like to publish a paperback version with new illustrations. He said yes!

The London launch was attended by Tim's co-stars from the long running BBC Radio drama The Archers as well as other celebrity friends. Journalists and photographers were also present.

Above: Plenty were in attendance and were thrilled with the release of Colin!

Above: Tim Bentinck with his wife Judy and with Christine Hamilton, no less.

Colin the Campervan is available to order from Amazon, and personally dedicated copies can be bought from our publisher page We will post to anywhere in the world.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

OUT NOW! Mia, Mackey and the Outside Cats

When abandoned tabby cat Mia turned up at Ma and Pa Croft's farmhouse, little did they know she had given birth to kittens in the woodshed next door. As they cared for the cats, Mia slowly moved into their home. But then Ma and Pa got a shock ... Kittens again! Now Mia has six kittens - two in the woodshed and four newborns there in the house. This is the story of Mia and her kittens Tabby Girl, Socks and Mackey, their sisters Eva and Scarlet, and their brother Blue. Will Ma and Pa keep all the cats at the farmhouse, or give them away to new homes? Based on true events, these stories will touch the heart of every reader.

Available from Amazon.

I will sign personal copies and send them to anywhere in the world. Order this book (and/or the first book Mia and the Woodshed Cats) from

OUT NOW! What's All the Fuss About DOCTOR WHO?

Former Doctor Who Appreciation Society coordinator Ian Wheeler and I have written and published What's All the Fuss About ...? An Introduction to Doctor Who. The above photograph shows us releasing it at Bolton Comic-Con on March 1st.

Who is the Doctor, what are the Daleks and why is the TARDIS a police box? Here is a television programme that has been running for over fifty years and has seen twelve different actors play the title role, each a unique incarnation. Why are people so devoted to this phenomenon? What is all the fuss about? Will Hadcroft and Ian Wheeler present the basics, with an overview of each Doctor's era and recommended stories to try, delivering the essential information that you need to know, your introduction to a television legend. It is the perfect beginners' guide for anyone wondering where to start, and equally suited to the die-hard fan who wants be reminded of and relive the very best bits all over again.

Available from Amazon.

Personal copies signed by Ian Wheeler and myself are available from We will post to anywhere in the world.