Thursday, 9 August 2018

Things To Come

I am staggered to see that my last entry for this blog was in October 2016! I can believe it, though, as the last two years have seen some serious ups and downs for me. Publishing plans dashed, the future bleak, and in my private life the loss of a much loved family member and another battling serious illness.

It was so dark, I stopped writing a personal diary and gave up maintaining this page. I simply didn’t have the heart anymore. I got weary of people asking, “How’s your writing coming along? Do you have anything in the pipeline?” and deliberately gave the impression I was winding down.

Recently, though, as far as the writing goes, there has been an upturn in inspiration. A few months ago I wrote a standalone novel that only needs one major rewrite on the last chapter before it is ready to go through the editing and proofreading process. I’m not inclined to tell you anything about it yet, except that it has a bearing on animals and how we treat them.

In the last few months, I have been tackling the new Anne Droyd book—the fourth in the series—Anne Droyd and the Luddite Ransom. It is panning out as I envisaged it in my head and is following quite faithfully the basic plot treatment I wrote. There were one or two alterations early on, as the story began to unfold in a slightly different order to what was laid out in the synopsis, but the characters develop just enough to move things on. I am three chapters from finishing it.

At the moment, some of the chapters are far too long. When reading a novel, I prefer the adventure to move at a reasonable pace so I don’t get bored, and for chapters to be quite short so I can stop reading at good intervals. So the eleven chapters of this book might become fifteen or twenty by the time I’ve broken some of them in half or into thirds.

Anne Droyd deserves a good re-launch, and this book could be the one to do it.

I have other projects on the go that are just as exciting! More on these when I’m ready to make an announcement.

But it’s good to be back up and running.

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