Will Hadcroft at the real Century Lodge and Mill with his first novel, Anne Droyd and Century Lodge
Will Hadcroft at the real Century Lodge and Mill. June 2010

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Will is the author of four novels and his autobiography, the highly rated The Feeling's Unmutual, Growing Up with Asperger Syndrome: Undiagnosed. A moving, insightful and at times brutally honest account of growing up, knowing you are different but not understanding why. Eventually discovering Asperger's Syndrome, thanks to an article in a Doctor Who Magazine, and a subsequent diagnosis, the pieces started to fall into place. A positive and inspiring read for those with Asperger's and the people around them.

His novels include the Anne Droyd Series, children's fiction that is enjoyed by all ages. Who wouldn't want a robotic school girl for a friend? Anne, Gezz, Malcolm and Luke team up to solve mysteries, have adventures and experience what real friendship is all about. Being an android, Anne asks the questions so many of us want to. Peer pressure, smoking, bullying, anyone that has ever experienced life in the playground will identify with many of her observations.

The Blueprint is Will's first teen novel, follows Liam and his experiences at high school after an accident and waking up in a different world. He is in his school but everything except him in in black and white. Raising questions about ones right to be an individual, the education system and the world view, The Blueprint  has received positive feedback from young adults and older readers.

Will's latest novel Anne Droyd and the Ghosts of Winter Hill will be published early 2013. Keep checking this page for updates and the chance to pre order signed copies.

You can order signed copies of Will's books from the 'Purchase Signed Books' page. Paperback and eBook versions are also available from Amazon.

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