You Tube Videos

Below are the videos that Will has made to accompany his books and his blogs. Scroll down to see them all.

Hear Will Hadcroft read Chapter One of Mia and the Woodshed Cats, his latest book telling the true story of Mia and her kittens.

The Fan Gene, how an article in Doctor Who Magazine set Will Hadcroft on his journey to discover Asperger's Syndrome 

Coming Soon. Anne Droyd and the Ghosts of Winter Hill.

Anne Droyd and Century Lodge. Will Hadcroft visits the locations that inspired his first novel.

The Blueprint. Will Hadcroft discusses the themes and thoughts behind his novel The Blueprint.

Aspects of Aspergers. Will Hadcroft in conversation with Theresa Cutts discussing various aspects of the condition. A series of short videos to complement The Feeling's Unmutual. 

Aspects of Asperger's Social Confidence

Aspects of Asperger's Social Phobia

Aspects of Asperger's Social Cues

Aspects of Asperger's Obsessions, Growing Up

Remembering The Push Button Click. Audio Interview

The original videos we made to accompany The Feeling's Unmutual  can still be found on You Tube. Search The Feeling's Unmutual+Will Hadcroft.

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